The Book

“Of all the Nations in the World,
of all the Social experiments that
have been tried down through the
centuries, there is no country I’d
rather be a citizen of and call home
than America. Where else but in the
land of opportunity are people given
so much freedom to pursue their dreams?”
Doctor Benjamin Carson
America the Beautiful

old_things_maps_book_compass_abstract_hd-wallpaper-1433132There is no other quote that speaks to my heart better than the above quote. Having been born and raised in poverty, has given me tremendous appreciation for the abundance I’ve found in America, the only country I know that allows the freedom to realize dreams beyond imagination, but puts no limits on achieving those dreams.

In my journey, I’ve come to realize that America does not owe me anything. Instead, America has given me everything — the God given freedom to pursue my own happiness and my own life to the best of my ability.

This book is a gift to my children and grandchildren, with a deep desire that all of their experiences serve as lessons that will enhance their lives as it did mine.

And I pray it will also remind them that the events of your birth do not dictate the conditions of your life.

Mary Roy

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Immigrants Voyage